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We are inspired by our surroundings, and our observations shape the way we express ourselves.
We seek to convey an experience created with thoughtfulness, awareness and joy.
It is here, in the little village of Skåne Tranås, that our dreams become a reality.
We hope to see you soon!


15 chairs divided around 5 tables
In our dining room, guests can enjoy a menu that interprets our current time and space.
It promises a more intimate dining experience with up to fifteen guests at up to five tables.
The dining room serves set menus for both lunch and dinner.
Lunch 1350 sek
Wine Pairing 950 sek
Juicemenu 550 sek
Dinner 2150 sek
Wine pairing 1450 sek
Juicemenu 850 sek


For partys of 4 to 8
Our private dining room is located in a separate part of the restaurant and welcomes groups of 4 – 8 guests.
This room is ideal for those of you looking for a unique experience with family, friends or colleagues.
The private dining room serves set menus for both lunch and dinner.
Lunch 1350 sek
Wine Pairing 950 sek
Juicemenu 550 sek
Dinner 2250 sek
Wine pairing 1450 sek
Juicemenu 850 sek


The late table is an experience with fewer courses, but with more of everything included in a fixed price.
The table is suitable for parties of 4 to 6 people and the setting is in a separate part of the restaurant.
No choices have to be made upon arrival, the experience is already set in a complete package including beverages.
The only exception being a non alcoholic choice regarding beverages, and additional drinks not included in the pairing.
Experience including our pairing of alcoholic beverages 3500:- 
Experience including our pairing of non-alcoholic beverages 2900:- 


Exclusive events & meetings
Kåseholms Castle
A new collaboration by Daniel Berlin Catering in a beautiful castle environment where we create a tailor-made gastronomic experience.
Kåseholm Castle offers two environments for corporate dinners, weddings and private events.
The capacity is anywhere from 8 to 300 guests.


Online reservation
On December 1st at 09.00 am we will start accepting reservations for the period January to March 2020
The Dining Room is suitable for 1 – 5 guests and the late table for groups from 4 – 6 guests.
The Private Dining Room is ideal for larger groups of 4 – 8 guests.
Please contact us via email to make a reservation for more than 8 guests:
When you make your reservation, please make sure to read the restaurant’s terms and conditions and inform us of any allergies.
Should the restaurant be fully booked on the date requested, please put your name on the waiting list in the booking module.
We will contact you in case a table becomes available.
If you would like to book accommodation or transport as part of your visit to the restaurant, please follow the links to make your booking.


when you visit the restaurant
When you visit us you can book your stay and transport


information about the restaurant
Daniel Berlin Krog
Diligensvägen 21
273 92 Skåne Tranås
+46 (0) 417- 20300
Please note that we do not accept cash as payment.
For questions about the restaurant and reservations
please send an e-mail to
Opening hours 2019
February to June,
Dinner Wednesday – Saturday.
Lunch Friday and Saturday.
July to August,
Dinner Tuesday – Saturday.
Lunch Friday & Saturday.
September to December,
Dinner Wednesday – Saturday.
Lunch Friday & Saturday.
For high-resolution images that only can be used for press purpose and other information about Daniel Berlin and the restaurant please email
We are now accepting applications for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months stages in the kitchen and front of house for 2020.
Please send your application to
We’re always looking for new talent to our team.
Are you dedicated and hardworking please send your application to



Terese William - this year's exhibitor
Terese William works with glass and conceptual crafts. The theme revolves around how social and cultural norms affect the perception of objects in our environment. By challenging expectations, contradictions are exposed in the material. 
– My work led to a new technology development called burn out. It liberates the process and the material and creates completely new possibilities in format and expression. Burn out is my primary technique and the method I use to challenge the norm of the cultured glass object with perfectly smooth surface.
Daniel Berlin on this year’s exhibitor;
The experience of Terese glass is indeterminate and at the same time surprisingly convincing. It arouses curiosity and a sensible expectation, just as a dish on the plate can do.


Konsthantverkscentrum cooperates with Daniel Berlin since he started the restaurant in Skåne Tranås 2009. Daniel himself about the collaboration with Konsthantverkscentrum: We want to create an environment that surprises and reinforces the taste of the experiences we present. I see contact points between myself and the artists I choose to enter into cooperation with. Modern artistry is an exciting area – expansive and innovative, just like Swedish gastronomy. Cooperation with Konsthantverkscentrum is a guarantee of quality


Yoo-Yoo Foundation
This year, we paid particular attention to the location of the restaurant – Österlen, Sweden, Scandinavia, the world. The soundscape is therefore more rustic and earthy. Much of the music is acoustic, present and palpable. Considerable parts have been created by Scandinavians. At the same time, we do not shy away from the massive sound expanses that sometimes transport our thoughts to distant places.
The collaboration with Daniel Berlin began in 2015, with long discussions about food experiences, music and the power of sound. It was in 2016 that we first arranged music for the restaurant, but the collaboration will continue to develop over the coming years.
Yoo-Yoo Foundation is made up of Marcus Joons (b.1983), and brothers Daniel (f.1977) and Niklas (f.1983) Tjäder. Yoo-Yoo releases music under its own name, and it also writes songs and produces music for other artists including Lorentz and Newkid. They have also arranged music and specially composed music for exhibitions, performances and the music app Moodelizer. All three of them have released music and toured all over the world with The Radio Dept, Korallreven and Orkid. Yoo-Yoo Foundation is their joint project.